We conduct business in the import of high quality industrial products.

      Thai Material Handling Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of THB 10,000,000, is engaged in the import of high quality industrial products, e.g. forklifts, forklift trucks, wheel loaders, etc. for distribution to our local customers, which include state agencies, private companies, and the general public. In addition, our company is also an authorized dealer of Lonking forklifts and wheel loaders – one of China’s three leading and best-selling brands best known for its durable, heavy-duty suspension. Powered by a Japanese-made ISUZU engine, Lonking forklifts are guaranteed with excellent performance on par with its Japanese counterparts. Continued sales growth for more than five years has been a testament to our customers’ satisfaction with the quality of our products and after-sales services. 

     Nationwide service centers : We provides comprehensive services including after-sales maintenance and repair services by our well-trained professional technicians, supported by a full range of genuine spare parts and nationwide service centers to respond to our customer needs. And this will guarantee timely and quality after-sales services to the customer satisfaction, while ensuring uninterrupted business operations of our valued customers. Apart from this, our customers will also be provided with a training session on how to operate each product prior to delivery.



Products & Services

Our forklifts/forklift trucks have an operating load in a range of between 2 to 25 tons. Our product lines include engine-propelled forklifts (i.e. diesel and LPG forklifts) and electric models.
Lonking forklifts can be customized and adjusted to suit changing operational settings including
• Type and height of forklift masts – for instance, special needs when operated in a cargo container under the restrictions of height of the container ceiling or extended high lift masts for lifting load to elevated places
• Load length
• Type of rubber forklift tires
• Other accessories, e.g. side shifts
Our forklift trucks are powered by Japanese-made ISUZU engines, thus ensuring durability and extended service life.
Additionally, they are also specifically designed to ensure convenient maintenance and repair and low maintenance cost - plus a full range of affordable genuine spare parts.



1. Diesel forklift: durable, heavy-duty option for all operational conditions
Diesel forklifts are a durable, heavy-duty option suitable for all operational settings – plus easy, fast and convenient maintenance, extended service life, and a full range of affordable spare parts.

2. LPG forklift: Energy-saving but excellent performance guaranteed
LPG-powered forklifts are a less expensive option that will help you significantly cut fuel costs, while ensuring outstanding performance comparable to forklifts running on other types of fuel.

3. Electric forklift (seated operator): Cutting edge, environmentally-friendly  technology to reduce pollutions
Electric version of forklifts with seated operator and zero emission while in operations will guarantee that they are environmentally-friendly and pollution-free, while ensuring exceptionally low operating noises. No fuel is needed, thus completely eliminating fuel cost.